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Listview Actions

By default the list view offers CRUD functionality but you can further extend this with custom actions.

UIOMaticAction Attribute

[UIOMaticAction("export", "Export", "~/App_Plugins/UIOMaticAddons/export.html", Icon = "icon-document-dashed-line")]
public class ExportAction { }
Simply create a new class and mark it with the UIOMaticAction attribute, the attribute has a constructor with 3 parameters
  • Alias, the unique alias of your action
  • Name, the name that is displayed for the action
  • View, the view that will be opened
Optionally you can also specify an Icon

ListActions Parameter on the UIOMatic attribute

Besides defining the Action you also need to make sure your models have the action in it's ListActions Collection
ListViewActions = new[]{ typeof(ExportAction)}


Complete Example

For a complete example please refer to​